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Andrés Zapata


Architect / Computer Animator

Food enthusiast


Alejandra G. Zapata


Architect / Designer

Food enthusiast


about casa ZG®

Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest

The elements of design are second nature to us, coming from a design oriented background,they are imbedded in our souls. We knew we wanted to create a product that was beyond a brand,one that would integrate the emotional and the functional. As in design and Architecture, the connection to a great product is through our senses.

With our love of great food,and simple ingredients, it was inevitable that we would find ourselves creating a product that would reflect these qualities. The idea of developing a recipe for a great Sangrita came form the inability to find a suitable one in the market, one that would elevate our tequila experience.

We approached this creative process in the same manner we do other projects, with the belief that design must satisfy all of the senses in order to inspire. Design only matters when it brings emotion to life.

In developing our brand,we understood first, that it was not enough to provide great ingredients,we had to address taste,texture,aesthetics and aromatic qualities. Our creative madness expanded from the palatable sensation of our Sangrita mix, to the design of our brand name ,logo, and packaging. A collaboration of ideas at play.

In essence, Casa ZG is about fun, life and sharing of traditions.



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